Brow Training Kit Upgrade

CAD $120.00

My Lamination Full Lash Lift Kit is suitable for brand new Lash Technicians who do not have any of the required items to perform  a Lash Lift procedure.

Kits will last for up to 25 clients before needing to replenish the My Lamination Lash Lifting System.

NOTE: This kit is available for $320.00 upon enrolment in one of our courses!

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Full Brow Lamination Training Kit Includes:

  • Lifting Cream + (Pack of 5, 1ml Sachets)
  • Brow Lift Cream (Pack of 5, 1ml Sachets)
  • Neutralizing Cream (Pack of 5, 1ml
  • Hydrating Cream (Pack of 5, 1ml Sachets)
  • Cleansing Foam 4 in 1
  • LashBrow (Pack of 5, 1ml Sachets)
  • Oxidizer 2%
  • Tints (Brown, Light Brown, Graphite, Chestnut)
  • Set of Brushes ( Diva & Star)
  • Pencil Collection
  • Mapping Brow
  • Brow Ruler
  • Inspiration 1, 3, or 5
  • Tweezers