Brow Lamination 4-in-1 Boot Camp

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 7+ hours of online theoretical content, demonstrations, quizzes, plus 8 hours of in-person training including an online course review Q&A, trainer demonstration, 2 hands-on practice models, and a certificate ceremony. This course includes a Lash Lift Mini Training Kit, and physical Certificate!


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Brow Lamination Boot Camp

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4-IN-1 Brow Lamination Training Manual
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Want to join the My Lamination family, and become a certified Brow Lamination Technician, accredited by a global award winning company? Become the best in your field with our 4 in 1 Brow Lamination Boot Camp! Our Boot Camp is the most comprehensive Brow Lamination Training on the market and is suitable for complete beginners, as well as experienced Brow Techs who are looking to refresh their knowledge. Gain access to amazing virtual information and practice it in person with your trainer!

Learn pro techniques from our top My Lamination Trainers across Canada and master 4 amazing skills in one go:

  1. Vitamin Brow Lamination
  2. Mineral Brow Lamination
  3. Tinting
  4. Shaping

Our 4 in 1 Brow Lamination Boot Camp consists of 5 hours of intricate and detailed virtual theoretical study about the Brow Laminating Process and award winning My Lamination Products. Not only do you get access to an incredible online platform with all the professional information in one place, you also get IN-PERSON training where you can:

  1. Ask your trainer questions face-to-face
  2. Watch them demonstrate on a model
  3. Get hands-on practice with your own two models with your trainer’s supervision.

Once you have completed our Brow Lamination Boot Camp, you will receive an official My Lamination Brow Lamination Certificate, and be a certified My Lamination 4 in 1 Brow Lamination Technician! You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to begin practicing your Brow Lamination technique and start your own business.

This course includes a Brow Lamination Mini Training Kit ($230.00 CAD retail value) which contains enough product for up to 50 clients. You can choose to upgrade to a full kit for just $120.00 more ($430.00 CAD retail value). Just click “Training Kit Comparison” to see which kit best suits your needs!

You can also choose to add on a physical printed manual for $50.00 CAD. This manual will be available for free in PDF format once you have enrolled in the course.

NOTE: Both Training Kit and Manual will be shipped to your address provided during checkout. Please ensure that this address is correct. 

What is covered in the course? Look over the curriculum below to know what to expect!

Module 1
Lesson 1 | Introduction
Lesson 2 | Treatment or Procedure?
Lesson 3 | Skin Anatomy
Lesson 4 | Hair Anatomy
Lesson 5 | Eyebrow Architecture
Lesson 6 | Face Symmetry

Module 2
Lesson 1 | Colour Theory
Lesson 2 | Tint
Lesson 3 | Disinfection
Lesson 4 | Types of Shields
Lesson 5 | Allergies
Lesson 6 | Contraindications

Module 3
Lesson 1 | Station Set Up
Lesson 2 | Preparation
Lesson 3 | Analysis
Lesson 4 | What Product to Choose?
Lesson 5 | Sachets
Lesson 6 | Protect the Skin

Module 4
Lesson 1 | Step 1: Brow Lift Cream
Lesson 2 | Brow Readiness
Lesson 3 | Step 2: Neutralising Cream
Lesson 4 | Brow Shaping
Lesson 5 | Tinting
Lesson 6 | Tinting Only

Module 5
Lesson 1 | LashBrow Mask
Lesson 2 | Step 3: Hydrating Serum
Lesson 3 | Finishing Touches
Lesson 4 | Aftercare
Lesson 5 | Checklist
Lesson 6 | Full Steps Overview

Module 6
Lesson 1 | Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson 2 | Consent Form Example
Lesson 3 | Model 1: Brow Lamination Demo
Lesson 4 | Model 2: Brow Lamination Demo
Lesson 5 | Model 3: Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Demo

In-Class Schedule: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM (8hrs)
9:30 – 10:30 > Q&A
10:30 – 1:30 > Hands on Model #1 (Mineral Brow Lamination)
1:30 – 2:00 > Break
2:00 – 5:00 > Hand on Model #2 (Vitamin Brow Lamination)
5:00- 5:30 > Certificate Ceremony


  • You MUST complete the online theoretical portion of the course and pass the quiz before the in-person training.
  • We encourage you to bring your own models, please notify us if you need our assistance
  • Due to COVID-19, only 5 people are permitted per class


In-Person Trainings (Bootcamp & Workshop) may be cancelled and refunded by a minimum of 2 weeks prior to course date. If cancellation is requested between 2 weeks – 3 days days prior to course date, customers will receive 50% of their course fee back. There will be no refund issued if course is cancelled within 3 days of the course date, or if the student does not show up to their in-person training.

Note: Online training ($300.00 CAD) is not subject to any refunds. If Bootcamp was purchased, 300$ will not be refunded as customers gain access to the online portion of the course as soon as they make their purchase. Only the remainder of the “in-person” portion of the Bootcamp course ($250.00 CAD) is subject to the refund policy stated above.